Title: If Only Everyone
Starring: Michael Poghosian
Genre: Drama
Release Date: 14 September 2013
Packaging Style: Digipack with box
If Only Everyone is a thoroughly post-Soviet Armenian film written in two languages - Armenian and Russian (dialect of Karabakh Armenian also appears in episods). This story perhaps touches on the most sensitive string for our nation, Artsakh.
Sasha Maslennikov (played by Yekaterina Shitova) arrives in Yerevan from Saratov, Russia, carrying a young birch to plant for her father's gravesite. Sasha's father was Russian, and her mother was Armenian, killed in the Sumgait massacres of Armenians by the Azeris that sparked the war between the two nations. Sasha's father died fighting with the Armenians. In Yerevan, Sasha finds Gurgen (Michael Poghosian), who was her father's commander and presumably knows where he is buried. The grave is located beyond the heavily guarded border — on Azerbaijan-controlled land. They sneak over the border and plant the birch.
The film's humor and its attention to details are what make it so enjoyable. Simple and surprisingly uncontrived, everything about the film makes sense. The film contains scenes of everyday life: the holiday of Vardavar, making tonir-baked lavash.
If Only Everyone is a clever, brave and beautiful movie certainly worth the watching.

Directed by Nataliya Belyauskene
Written by Michael Poghosian
Screenplay: Theresa Varzhapetyan and Michael Poghosian
Starring: Yekaterina Chitova, Michael Poghosian, Vahagn Simonyan, Mher Levonyan, Karen Jangirov
Original music by Vahagn Hayrapetyan
Produced by Theresa Varzhapetyan

Running Time: 94 minutes